​If you want to prioritise hygiene without compromising on design, VR Resin is the optimal choice. Our floors are seamless and impermeable to liquids, making them very easy to clean. VR Resin floors can be provided with an anti-slip layer to maximise safety. This makes Resin the optimum choice for spaces such as fitness centres and studios. With functionality, individuality and beauty combined, we can help create an environment which has a truly positive influence on physical and mental wellbeing.

beauty clinic
medical spaces


​Hygienic floors have the highest priority in the healthcare sector. The seamless nature of our floors makes them ideal for hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, medical and cosmetic practices. In addition, the floor must be impermeable, dust-free, low-allergenic, resistant to chemicals and non-slip. VR Resin are proud to offer a flooring solution that can cover all of these requirements.


​VR Resin Self-smoothing floors are sustainable, offer significant underfoot comfort and are easy to clean and maintain. In public areas, functionality is matched with aesthetics. In making the right choice for an appropriate flooring system, an attractive design and functional properties both play an important role. A well-maintained and visually attractive flooring system creates a positive atmosphere and a sense of unity.

public library
office spaces


VR Resin self-smoothing floors will enhance any work environment. In addition to providing almost endless colour and design options, we can offer a specialised sound-deadening flooring system that ensures contact sounds are reduced and environmental sounds are strongly suppressed. This will contribute towards a positive and productive working environment.


In hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés and even commercial kitchens, VR Commercial Resin Floors establish a strong and seamless base that helps to uphold the high hygiene standards in these industries, all the while creating a luxurious look and feel. Thanks to the vast colour pallet, range of finishes and creative design options, VR Resin Flooring systems bode very well in this sector. Our floors are also maintenance-friendly and have a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.

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resin floors commercial-resin-floors


VR resin are aware of how crucial first impressions count in the retail sector.

​Our team at VR Resin will be able to create the perfect design for your floor, which will not only complement but enhance the visual impact your products have on your customers. Our seamless floors will offer underfoot comfort, sound reduction and durability even in areas of high footfall. Alongside optimal functionality, our floors will work harmoniously with your products and help to create a sense of quality, luxury and therefore contribute to a memorable customer experience.


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