Sustainable Flooring

Our floors have a life assessment of over 40 years. As a result, the environmental impact is reduced whilst providing excellent value for money.

Polyurethane (PU) resin is now one of the most sustainable flooring systems on the market. PU resin consists largely of renewable raw materials such as castor oil, a bi-product of the castor bean.

VR Resin have chosen to work solely with the highest quality products available. This ensures that we not only give our customers the most beautiful, durable and long-lasting floors possible but coincides with our ethos of being an environmentally conscious company, providing you with eco friendly flooring. VR Resin floors can also be re-sealed with ease, without any major works to achieve this.

eco friendly flooring
environmental assessment

Eco Friendly Options

Our polyurethane floors are also among the few flooring options available that contribute to credits for BREEAM environmental assessment for buildings. BREEAM is one of the instruments for measuring and assessing the sustainability of new and existing buildings. Our eco friendly floors also fulfil the highest quality and health requirements by being low-emission, solvent-free and AgBB-compliment.