Resin Flooring for Bathrooms, Shower Rooms,
and Wet Rooms

Resin flooring is the ideal solution for your bathroom, shower room or wet room. The seamless, impermeable and waterproof nature of resin makes it the optimum choice for an environment where moisture and water are present.

bathroom resin floors

The perfect Bathroom Floor

These key qualities mean that our floors are far more durable and long-lasting, in comparison to most other bathroom flooring options that can be susceptible to moisture retention and rotting. The longevity of a resin floor also makes it a highly cost-effective option.

Seamless Design

The seamlessness of resin also makes it extremely hygienic, as there are no porous grout lines to trap water, bacteria or discolour. Moisture will simply remain on the surface of your bathroom floor to evaporate or be cleaned away quickly and easily.

interior view of a modern bathroom
Coloured resin flooring options for bathrooms

Endless Design and Colour Options

The design and colour options available are almost endless. Between our three style collections: VR Pure, VR Fusion, and VR Art we will help to create a contemporary yet tranquil environment for your bathroom for you to relax, unwind and enjoy. Our resin flooring systems also work harmoniously with under-floor heating. With the integration of our comfort layer, our floors exude a luxurious feel underfoot.

Anti-Slip Technology

As standard our resin floors for bathrooms meet HFE anti-slip requirements. However, we also offer higher levels of anti-slip technology if this is something you require. Our knowledgeable team can help advise you on the best option for your home.

Underfloor heating and anti-slip technology with resin floors


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