Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen

Resin flooring can enhance the look and feel of your Kitchen. Whether your Kitchen is a traditional English country kitchen or a seamless contemporary design, our varied and versatile range of floors can compliment any Kitchen.

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Uncompromising Choice of Colour

One of the many benefits of resin is that the colour possibilities are almost endless. This ensures that creativity and design isn’t compromised or limited in any way. You may choose a colour that contrasts perfectly with your kitchen units or perhaps you’d like to colour match your floor to your worktops or kitchen appliances. Between our three style collections: VR Pure, VR Fusion and VR Art we are confident that we will find the perfect fit.

The Most Hygienic Kitchen Floor

While Aesthetics are always a priority, the functionality of our resin floors cannot be overlooked. The seamless nature of resin makes it one of the most hygienic options for your kitchen floor. Any food, dirt or liquid can be cleaned away with ease, without the worry of it collecting in joins or grooves where bacteria can multiply.

resin kitchen floors
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Warm and Comfortable

VR Resin Floors specialist flooring system has an integrated comfort layer, making your resin floor softer underfoot in comparison to other flooring options, such as tiles or wood. Resin flooring also works particularly well with underfloor heating. Our unique double-layered top coat also makes for an incredibly durable finish. With the highest levels of comfort and functionality, your Kitchen could easily become the social hub of your home.

Safe Anti-Slip Technology

As standard, our resin floors for kitchens meet HFE anti-slip requirements. However, we also offer higher levels of anti-slip technology if this is something you require. Our knowledgeable team can help advise you on the best option for your home.

Underfloor heating and anti-slip technology with resin floors


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