Create a calm and contemporary living space for your home

The smooth, seamless look and feel of Resin flooring make for a calm and contemporary setting for the entire household to enjoy.

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Enhance the Feel and Flow of Your Home

Resin flooring can enhance the feel and flow of your home, subtly connecting one living zone to another. With endless colour options, you may choose a neutral or earthy tone to create a brilliant base or your furniture to pop or perhaps a vibrant colour to allow your floor to become a real statement piece. If you wanted to use your floor to create different living zones within your open plan home, you could always choose to use different colours or effects such as a seamless rug or patterned border. Visit our collections page to view the different colour and style options available.

Easy to Clean

When you choose a resin floor. You can guarantee the practical elements of your resin floor will not disappoint. The seamlessness of resin makes it extremely easy to clean, as there are no joins or grooves where dirt can collect. This also makes for a considerably hygienic environment, perfect for busy lifestyles, children and pets.

living room resin flooring
Underfloor heating and anti-slip technology with resin floors

Comfort as Standard

Not all resin flooring companies offer such exceptional comfort and quality as standard but at VR Resin floors, we have chosen to include a comfort layer within the layers of our flooring system to make your floor soft underfoot. We also finish our floors with a double-layered top coat to provide the ultimate level of durability.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

When you choose a floor from VR Resin Floors you can also be assured that you are choosing a floor that is made from sustainable materials and is eco friendly.
We choose to work exclusively with Polyurethane resin as opposed to Epoxy. One of the reasons for this is that Polyurethane resin is made from castor bean oil, which is a renewable raw material. The durability of Polyurethane resin also means it has a very high life expectancy and therefore ticks the sustainability box too.

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